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  • Directory of Apple Cultivars, Martin Crawford. 2001. 276 pp. ISBN 1-874275-40-8

  • The Book of Apples. Joan Morgan & Alison Richards. 1993. 303 pp. ISBN:0-09-177759-3.

  • The Apple Book. Rosanne Sanders. 1988. 144 pp. ISBN: 0-8022-2559-4.

  • Fruit, Berry & Nut Inventory. ed. Ken Whealy. 560 pp. ISBN:1-882424-57-3.

  • The Grafter's Handbook. Robert J Garner. This book has been revised and up-dated by Steven Bradley. The new 6th edition ISBN is 978-1-845-33754-4 was published by Octopus Publishing Group Ltd, London, in 2013.

  • Pruning. Christopher Brickell. ISBN 0-85533-145-3 (espaliering)

  • The Lorette System of Pruning. Louis Lorette.1946 (translation). 239 pp

  • Intensive Orchard Management. Bruce H Barritt.1992. 211 pp. ISBN: 0-9630659-1-2.(rootstocks, staking, training)

  • How to Manage the Blue Orchard Bee for Orchard Pollination. Jordi Bosch & Wm Kemp. 2001. 88 pp. ISBN 1-888626-06-2

  • The Mason-Bees. J Henri Fabre. 1914 (translation). 315 pp.

  • The Forgotten Pollinators. Stephen L Buchmann & Gary Paul Nabhan. 1996. 292pp. ISBN: 1559633522.

  • Pollination with Mason Bees. Margriet Dogterom. 2nd Edition 2009. 136 pp. ISBN: 978-0-9689357-3-6.

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Note: many of these books will be available in your local library or the library can bring them in from a nearby library.

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