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Perry Pears

Perry Pears are here!

As of February, 2019, I have three Perry Pear whips/small trees for sale: Gin, Hendre Huffcap, and Yellow Huffcap.

For pear rootstock, OHF 87 is smaller than OHF 97. Some say there is not much difference in size, but both r/s as they arrive from the Oregon are difficult to work with. I think the power-washing prior to fumigation destroys the root hairs. One suggestion is that you take these OHF rootstock in March, pot them up and grow them on until August, and then 'bud' them. In March they have no roots or root hairs, but in August, they have a very nice root system.

  • I usually graft the following Perry Pear varieties on OHF 87 rootstock

  • Barland (syn Bosbury): Bosbury, Herefordshire, England. c 1600. Early mid-season. Bittersharp (high acid, high tannin). Vigorous tree long-lived.

  • Butt: Norton, England 1884. Bittersharp (medium acid, high tannin), Very firm fruit that does not rot readily. Juice ferments slowly; moderately vigorous, narrow crotch angle.

  • Gin: Newent, England. Medium sharp (medium acid, medium tannin). Late mid-season harvest. Heavy conspicuous spur systems on vigorous tree. Scab-resistant.

  • Gelbmostler: Austria and northern Switzerland c 1700. no specific classification

  • Hendre Huffcap (syn Hendrik’s Huffcap): England. Sweet (low acid, low tannin). Excellent orchard and perry-making qualities. Mid-season harvest. Small fruit, vigorous tree with wide crotch angles

  • Romanian perry pear: Romania Medium sharp (medium acid, medium tannin)

  • Rotkottkig Frau Ostergotland

  • Sang Vinelle

  • Summer Bloodbirne

  • *Thorn: England prior to 1676. Antique variety. Medium sharp (medium acid, medium tannin). Good quality for perry, dessert, and cooking. Early mid-season. Not precocious (I did get five Thorn Perry pears in the third year).

  • Yellow Huffcap: Westbury-On-Severn, England prior to 1884. medium sharp (high acid, medium tannin). Very productive, but often biennial. Excellent quality perry. Large vigorous.

*On the list of Best Perry Pears as designated by Dr Robert Hogg in his Fruit Manual of 1884.

In 2019, I hope to add the following Perry pear varieties:

  • Blakeney Red (syn Painted Lady) -Herefordshire, England, early 1800s

  • Taynton Squash - Gloucestershire, England before 1700

  • Winnals Longdon - Weston-Under-Penyard, Hereford, England, 1790.

Last updated on February 10, 2019.

By Derry Walsh

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