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Apples for Sale

Apple Varieties 

2018 was an OK year for growing apples. April was very wet, but it cleared up in May. My shelters protected the apple blossoms and the bees.Then we had a hot and dry July and August.  Our apples ripened about three weeks earlier than usual.

I'm leaving this chart here because people are using it to see photos of varieties they are interested in growing.  My apple varieties vary a little from year to year as some trees become biennial and produce a big crop one year and almost none the next year.

My main variety is Wilmuta Jonagold (about 500 lbs). Wilmuta Jonagold is an early strain of Jonagold. It is yellow with a red blush. As redder strains were developed (Jonagored, DecCoster Jonagold, Nicobel) the flesh became less sweet. So for the sweetest Jonagold look for Wilmuta Jonagold.

My secondary varieties are Bramley's Seedling, Elstar, Fuji, Golden Russet, Jonafree, Liberty, Northern Spy and Orin (10 to 100 lbs of each).

My minor varieties are Ananas Reinette, Ashmead's Kernel, Esopus Spitzenberg, Glockenapfel, Goudrenet (a strain of Belle de Boskoop), Golden Nugget, Hidden Rose, Jefferis, Jupiter, Karmijn de Sonnaville, Pewaukee, Priam, Reinette Rouge d'Etoilee, Roxbury Russet, (less than 10 lbs each).

Some of the apple varieties are shown below. This page is primarily to help my customers identify the apples they received in the 'mixed' bag of apples.

Two very good websites with more information on most of these varieties are and

I have noted the apples with 'bloom' (a white covering which polishes off easily), russeting (a rough brown skin), long stems versus short stems, flushed red versus striped red, conical versus round versus elongated shape.

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