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Derry's Orchard & Nursery

About Us

In 1990, we (Bill Chase and Derry Walsh) retired from our hospital jobs in the city of Vancouver, B.C., to five acres in Aldergrove, just 65 kilometers southeast of Vancouver.

We bought a couple of cows to keep the pasture grazed and started to plant an apple orchard on 0.75 acres.

In 1992, we sold our cows and bought llamas to graze the pasture. We now have 16 llamas who graze in the pasture and provide excellent manure for our apple trees.

Welcome to Derry's Orchard & Nursery ​

Derry Walsh passed away in October 2023. This site will remain live temporarily.

This site will tell you what varieties of apple trees and crabapple trees we are selling, how to select pollenizers and nurture pollinators.

Then there's how to plant a nursery tree (in the Spring vs in the Fall), how to get apples on your tree, how to summer prune it. We list some good reference books, and some places where we will be selling our trees and bee condominiums this year. We also show you how we shelter our fruiting trees from the rain to reduce the fungal diseases. This means we do not have to spray fungicides on our apple trees. In the photo (above), you can see an aerial view of our house, our pastures and our orchard with five rows of shelters.


If you want to learn how to graft or how to prune, there is a section on festivals and fairs and on educational events in south coastal B.C. There is some information on the no-pesticides-used apples that we sell in the Fall.

In 2009, I added a section on recommended cider apple varieties for south coastal B.C. by Derek Bissett of Langley, B.C.

The apples, apple trees, crabapple trees, and pear trees are for sale in south Coastal B.C. only (no cross border shipping, no sales to the Okanagan or Kootenays (apple maggot ban)).

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